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In the world of any visual thing that moves, the storyboard has always been the tried and true process of telling the experience in its’ most basic form. Some still draw these by hand with pencils or markers on paper (my preference, by the way), some create these digitally, still hand-drawn, but with a stylus and tablet.

To expand on this wonderful universe, is the developed storyboard. Typically with a bit more detail, and sometimes added text captions or voice-over script for each panel. Details for music and sound effects can also be added. A fully developed storyboard can really give a complete description of the storyteller’s vision.

Spartacus Studios believes in the magic of the storyboard. Not only can you quickly visualize your story, but this process can keep your project on budget and on time, every time.

To find out more about how we can do this for your story, reach out to us at


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